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About Us

Hi, I’m Rozsa, new Manager, tour guide and care giver. Under new ownership as Double ZZ Ranch, management and staffing changes have been made so that we could provide better service to you, the customer.

I’ve been working with horses for 30 + years and have been raising and training them since 2001. I have certification as a trail guide and instructor and have been professionally guiding for over 6 years. I left a corporate career to focus on my work with horses. Now I get to do what I love most of all, ride and train horses, everyday and not just on my weekends off.

Most of the horses we use came through rescues via the Healing Horses Sanctuary. Many of these horses have been mistreated and or abused in some manner. Most go through a couple of years of rehabilitation and training before they become suitable as trail riding horses for customers. We spend several hundred hours working with them before they become trail horses for customers.

The sanctuary is a non-profit horse rescue that focuses on long term rehabilitation and provides a forever home for the forgotten or unwanted souls that would have otherwise ended up at slaughter. The trail riding is how we raise money to save and support these wonderful animals and give them a second chance at a meaningful life. We support not only those that we can rehabilitate and retrain but many that will never again be ridable horses.

At Double ZZ Ranch,  our horses are not just equipment – they are family. We know our horses well and they are tested and well trained before they ride out on the trails with guests. But horses are horses and they react to situations, each other and people differently. We work continuously to train our horses to behave on the trails and amongst each other. They are loved and treated with lots of kindness and affection and in turn they reciprocate this both to me and their riders.

Our horses love treats and we encourage riders to bring a gift for the horse they ride in the form of apples, carrots, ripe pears, ripe berries such as blueberries or blackberries or horse cookies (attainable at tack stores and farmer’s co-ops).


We also established the Healing Horses Sanctuary – a non-profit long term care and rehabilitation facility for horses with special needs. It is a safe sanctuary for people to come to explore their connection with horses through volunteer work. Check out the Healing Horses Sanctuary website for more information.

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