Our trail ride through Golden  Ears Park

was definitely the highlight of my trip to Vancouver. When I close my eyes I can still see those tall trees and beautiful ferns framed by Kiss’s ears. What a great little mare she is and what a great trail ride I had and what a great trail guide you are.  I hope to be back in the not-to-distant future to trail ride Pitt Lake and the other horseback trails and perhaps do a day trip or overnight if the trails are open. It was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed out “trail talk” immensely.  And if you ever make a trip to Minnesota please let me know. You have a free place to stay at my home.

I cannot say enough good things about a trail ride with Equutrails.

The nature area where the trail rides are located, the fine condition of the horses and their excellent training. The owner of this stable (also the trail guide) is a superb, experienced horsewoman who trains the horses herself and has obvious care, concern and respect for her animals. They are alert, highly responsive and extremely reliable. The two hour ride through Golden Ears Wilderness was an experience of a lifetime.

I cannot wait to return to the Vancouver area and explore the other trails with Zsa Zsa and her amazing equines!”

Jean del Santo
Minneapolis MN

Happy Trails!