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Outdoor Arcade Games


Making outdoor activities more fun

Amusement has been redefined over and over through developments in the gaming industry—arcade, in particular, has evolved from pinball machines to interactive ones. Here in Vancouver arcades still have a strong presence; Tourism Vancouver, in its post covering top places to find family fun in the city, listed the Market on Granville Island especially because of its arcade game offerings. In another post entitled “A Geek’s Guide to Vancouver”, arcades at Playland inside the Pacific National Exhibition were featured because it has virtual arcades along with traditional carnival games. The Pit Stop at Richmond Go Karts also has over twenty arcade games to choose from. Clearly, Vancouver residents of all age groups prefer to play arcade games.

Because of their popularity, arcade games are continuing to up the ante by being progressive while maintaining distinctiveness at the same time. Arcade-themed video games are rampant nowadays; in fact, PlayStation 4 recently created a Pinball Arcade game which was released in the middle of this month. It offers twenty pinball tables for season one, and the game promises a more realistic pinball experience. Online platforms also continue to improve; major developer of HTML5 games CORE Gaming and leading gaming site launched the Evel Knievel brand of slot games. CORE used defined graphics to showcase the stunts of the franchise through slots.

It’s also a well-known fact that people from this city love the outdoors. Horseback riding, hiking, and trekking are the favorite activities of the adventurous. This preference is also reflected in their arcade game choices—outdoor arcade games have gained popularity in the area. These are some of the outdoor arcade games making the rounds in Vancouver, courtesy of Primetime Amusements:

· Knockout Boxer – to test speed and strength, gamers can try to box out the machine. It also encourages competition because players vie for the highest score.
· Arm Wrestler – for a quarter, the player can go against a tough opponent for arm wrestling; the developer said that this is a game for “rough and tough meatheads”.
· Basketball – shooting hoops while competing with friends in a shootout has never been this fun; an interactive game play has been added as a feature to hook sports fans.
· Kicker – World Cup enthusiasts may try the event for themselves through this game; kicking the machine’s soccer ball will measure the player’s power and speed.
· Shark Air Hockey – an underwater air hockey table is every fan’s dream come true; this is waterproof with a programmable menu, so players can simulate the real thing.
· Street Pitcher Baseball – players must throw baseballs and hit the marker panel so their scores will be recorded; playing mode includes two-player option, and up to eight machines may be linked to a more intense competition.

With this collection, it’s evident that outdoor arcade games will continue to be present in the Vancouver gaming industry—and it will most likely stay that way for a long time.


Trail Rides – Fund Raising for Horse Sanctuary


Trail rides for fund raising

Sat. Sept 14, 2013, Equutrails Horseback Riding is holding a fund raising event on behalf of the Healing Horses Sanctuary. 1 hour trail rides will be offered for $50 per person at the Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre located at 21973 132nd Avenue, Maple Ridge. ($45 special per person per family of 4+ persons with children 12 and under).

Trail Rides Schedule

Trail rides will start from 11 am. Reservations are recommended. All proceeds will go towards the winter hay fund for the rescue horses.

Trails Rides - Maple Ridge

Trail Rides - Vancouver Pitt Lake
Trail Rides on the Dyke

Trail rides are along the beautiful and scenic Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows dykes. See the beauty of the Coastal Mountains, birds and other wildlife. 

This event is run in conjunction with the Ridge Meadows Hospital Fundraiser to raise funds for constructing a wheel chair access trail on the hospital grounds. Dinner and silent auction starts at 5:00 pm.

Advance event tickets $15.00. 


Trail rides are along the beautiful and scenic Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows dykes. 

This event is run in conjunction with the Ridge Meadows Hospital Fundraiser to raise funds for constructing a wheel chair access trail on the hospital grounds. Dinner and silent auction starts at 5:00 pm.


Located in Maple Ridge, Equutrails has been operating trail rides in the local area for 5+ years and has more than 25 years experience in trail riding and training horses. You are in expert hands when you trail ride with Equutrails. Certified guides/instructors.

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