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Equutrails Reviews

To our customers of 2015! We extend our apologies to those who had excessive wait times for rides and to those who waited unusually long to hear back from us. We had an exceptionally busy season and were laden with not just my own physical limitations as a result of recent back surgery but also with several administrative, computer and phone issues. Also our service provider apparently has been dropping a lot of data and calls when trying to deliver to us while we are in the park which has a lot of non  service areas. As such we were unable to get back to some of you as a result as we did not even receive a log of your contact to us. This is a short coming of our provider and apparently we have no recourse or ability to change or improve the service.

I personally apologize if my mannerisms seem abrupt to some (and to those who may interpret it as being rude). I am more concerned with the safety of my customers and the well being of my horses than being a chatty cathy or joking around.

We have more satisfied customers than not. Read some of the customer reviews from satisfied customers about horseback riding with Equutrails.


Katherine True, Port Coquitlam, BC

Jean D, Minneapolis, MN USA and from her words

Tania V, Port Coquitlam, BC CAN

Erin, Lucy and Emma

Lisa Davies, Vancouver BC

Catherine McNamara. Burnaby BC

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