Golden Ears Provincial Park – Alouette Lake

Visiting or new to Vancouver and looking for a fun event to experience in the outdoors? Whether in sunshine, cloudy, misty or snowy, trail riding is a year-round activity in the lower mainland.

Try horseback riding. On the trail rides with Equutrails you’ll get to experience luscious rainforest of Golden Ears . Trail riding is available within 90 minutes of central Vancouver.

Trail riding is a fun event that can be shared by couples, friends or family. We will pony children as young a 5 years. All trail riders get their own horse that is tacked up and ready to go.

The trail horses at Equutrails are not your average nose to tail nags or sometimes stubborn or difficult horses you often find at other outfitters. Our horses are all very well trained, gentle, experienced and very responsive to ensure that everyone gets a great riding experience whether it is your first time trail riding or you have had years of riding experience. Read this recent review.

For a fun year-round event in Vancouver, check out Equutrails Horseback Riding Adventures.