April 1 started out as an ominous day as far as the weather goes. Woke to heavy wet snow coming down and at 7:30 am it didn’t look like it was going to clear up. I don’t remember seeing crazy weather patterns like this since leaving Calgary 30+ years ago. I sipped my coffee pondering this while I awaited Nicole’s check in call at 8:00. Despite the dreary look outside we agreed we would go for our scheduled trail ride in Golden Ears Provincial Park located 90 minutes from Vancouver BC.

It was a good decision. By the time we met up in the park at noon most of the snow had melted and the sun started to break through the clouds. I had Jackie as my lead horse this time joined by Kissimmee and Rocky. Jackie came to the sanctuary with some behavioural issues. He had been abandoned by his previous owners where he had been a lone backyard lawner mower all his 9 years. When they sold the house, the new owner found Jackie too much too handle so approached us to take him in. Jackie had a rough start when he arrived but he had made good progress. However, Jackie hadn’t been out in over 4 months and was wearing boots for the first time so I wasn’t sure how he would take to this on his seasonal inaugural ride. He easily accepted the boots and didn’t even make a fuss getting into the trailer after all these months. Jackie behaved like a gentleman the entire way. He has made so much progress since his arrival 3 years ago that he makes me proud.

Riding along the trail through the trees proved to an interesting horseback ride as the snow melted from the tree tops. We were continuously showered in a mist of melting snow and had to dodge snowballs that fell upon us randomly. We all received at least one good snow bomb during the ride. Good things the horses were totally unperturbed by the unusual onslaught. We rode up to Mike Lake, where the much needed sun warmed our toes and hands a little before our return back down the mountain. Overall we had a great ride that ended in sunshine.