Horse Camp

Do you have a child who loves being around horses? They enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of everything equine. Horse camp may be the perfect getaway for them. Horse camps are a great introduction to kids for a basic knowledge of horsemanship as well as beginning riding instruction for a new rider or improving the skills of an existing rider.

Camp Value

Campers get to learn about horses, horseback riding, tack and general horse care. By working with horses and performing equine activities. Kids get to improve not only their knowledge about horses, but also their self-esteem, self-respect, and self-discipline.

Horse camps are designed to teach riding skills as well as showing, jumping, trotting, cantering, grooming, and dressage. Camps educate their young riders about riding skills and techniques in handling and caring for a horse. Children get to learn about equine safety and how to properly use different types of equipment from tacking a horse to grooming one. The amount of fun a child can have at horse camp is almost endless.

What to bring to camp

It is important to make sure your little camper has high-quality riding equipment to help ensure a positive and safe experience at horse camp. Most camps provide a list of required standard equipment along with suggested equipment recommendations for the attendee to bring with them. Read more here for your list of essentials…


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