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Saving Horses

How Trail Riding can Save a Horses Life

We take this opportunity to thank all the customers that have come riding with us since we established Equutrails in 2008. We started out with a small dream to run some weekend trail riding with the horses that I had raised on the ranch during the previous 8 years. This eventually spurred us on to expand to a full time trail riding operation. This expansion also resulted in the establishment of Healing Horses Sanctuary which is now operated by the BC Healing Horses Society (registered BC non-profit).


Our way of supporting the community is to help support the sanctuary’s mission to save lives of horses whose sporting life has diminished or is over by providing a long term rehabilitation facility.  We charge a little more than some of the other providers but those extra few dollars go a long way to helping save horses lives. By choosing Equutrails as your horse riding provider, you are also contributing to the Healing Horses Sanctuary.  25% of your riding fee is donated in support of saving some horses from euthanasia.  We also provide the sanctuary with volunteer resources to retrain horses for trail work where possible so that those horses may in time serve someone else well as a wonderful trail riding horse.

Why Trail Ride with Equutrails

Statistics from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada show over 89,000 horses died in Canadian slaughterhouses in 2011. This translates to over 1,700 horses every week that meet their awful fate in Canadian slaughterhouses.

67% of the horses slaughtered were U.S. exports. Horse slaughter closed in the U.S. in 2007, but exports still continue. U.S. citizens fought hard to close the industry,however until legislation is passed to stop exports, horses will continue to be shipped to Canada and Mexico. A market for horse meat for human consumption exists in Europe and Asia. However, the majority of people do not support it and an Ipsos-Reid poll reveals that nearly 2/3 of Canadians do not believe in killing horses for human consumption.

In November 2012, 5950 horses were destined for slaughter. Of those 5900 plus horses, Healing Horses Sanctuary was able to provide sanctuary for 9 horses, bringing the total number of rescues residing at the sanctuary to 15 as at the end of 2012. Of those, 1/3 are destined to never again be under saddle, will never compete or trail ride ever again.  Horses that most other “rescues” would never even consider providing sanctuary to for that very reason.


Equutrails is always looking for volunteers who are interested in learning more about horses. We can use your help in barn maintenance, tacking, grooming and untacking horses that are heading out for trail riding. Learn about health and hoof care, how to handle different kinds of horses. Working with horses you will develop personal presence, strength of character and leadership skills.

The Healing Horses Sanctuary is always in need of volunteers to help care for the long term rehabilitation horses. These horses need to have stalls and paddocks cleaned, special feed and care, grooming and extra special love. If you are interested in helping save these horses and help care for them, contact the Sanctuary through us at 604-376-0203.




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