Hello to all,

What a wonderful day we had with Equutrails. My husband, Brother, Sister-in-law and I all received a gift from my mother to have a 90 min horse trail ride with Equutrails. It was the most wonderful day we could have imagined! The trails are gorgeous, the horses were trained, friendly, and fun. We really enjoyed having Zsa Zsa lead our group. We liked how relaxed she was! If you had a question on how to do something she answered with easy brief instructions, and trusted that you understood. A couple of us had some riding experience and it was nice to have her trust that, and not be looking over her shoulder at all moments wondering what we were up to!

The horses were wonderful, they each had such special personalities, I had Duke who was a young guy who always wanted to pass the others, my husband fell in love with sweet soft Martina, my sister in law had Elvis, he was the perfect horse for her first time riding ever, and my brother had big Rocky.

We went on such a beautiful trail, it was windy, up and down, we crossed a river twice, it kept us wondering what beautiful scenery was next!

I would highly suggest going for a ride with Equutrails if you want to ride some great horses on awesome trails with a group leader who just takes you for an adventure and doesn’t breath down your neck!!


Thanks again Zsa Zsa your style fit us perfectly!


Gina A