Horseback ride this winter

Fall is upon us with winter following shortly. However the shorter days and cooler weather is no reason to hide yourself indoors. Fall and winter continue to offer up a wide range of outdoor activities including #horsebackriding. Most people don’t normally associate fall and winter with #trailriding but the beauty of Golden Ears Provincial Park is not diminished by the fall or the winter. In fact, winter riding in the park can be spectacular. When the heavy snow falls and embraces the surrounding trees with its winter white coat it is like travelling through a winter wonderland.

Whether you are riding with friends or family, have zero to little experience or have some to lots, there is trail riding to suit every skill level. No different from snowboarding or snow skiing, you have to remember to dress for the weather to stay comfortable. Dressed warmly, sit upon your mount and enjoy the peaceful solitude and spectacular beauty all to your own. The joy of riding at this time of the year is the lack of people around. It is like owning a piece of this beauty all to yourself.



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