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Biomechanics of Riding

Suitable for ages 8 to 80

We provide lessons in learning the basics of riding in preparation or in addition to your preferred riding style. Lessons are 1 hour each at $60.00 (+ GST) per hour per person. 10 lesson packages can be purchased for $500. That's a $100 savings off single lessons.

Biomechanics of Balanced Riding

Biomechanics is the mechanics of how the body moves. Be it human, horse or other animal, we all move in a mechanical way which can be trained and improved.

Our Biomechanics training can help the beginner sit in a stronger safer position, improve a rider's performance, help you get the competitive edge, help prevent injury, or rehabilitate injuries you already have. This all helps you to ride long hours without pain.

Initial lessons are done on bareback. This teaches the rider to pay attention to their body and how it relates to the horse and horse's movements. We examine how the rider's posture and movements affect the way the horse moves. Our technique guarantees you that at a minimum you will be able to walk and trot bareback within 10 lessons. Age is not a concern.

New riders start by learning to catch, tie, groom and tack their horse for future lessons. All riders learn to develop a balanced seat at the walk and advance to the trot as skills and balance develop.

With our unique method of training on bareback, students quickly learn to find their centre of balance without relying on external aids - saddle, reins and stirrups. You develop a soft seat, learn to move with the horse and sit to his back. We emphasize safety, riding confidence, soft hands, a relaxed and centered seat, horse communications and trust building so that you can take your horse anywhere, anytime.

Lessons include some groundwork, arena riding and possibly some trail work. Riding is outdoors so please be prepared for the weather.

Helmets are required so please bring your own helmet and wear appropriate footwear - boots with a low heel. All other horse tack is provided.All students must wear a helmet no exceptions . Call to reserve your lesson time. Come 20 minutes early to tack and warm up your horse. 24 hour cancellation required for lessons or lessons will be charged in full.

Trail Riding Lessons

We provide a unique 2 hour offer that includes a 1 hour trail riding lesson followed by a 1 hour trail ride. This is a great opportunity for beginners to learn the basics of good trail riding and then put it immediately into practice. Minimum 4 persons per group. Rate is $100 per hour. All lessons in Golden Ears. Call to reserve.

Horseback Lesson Schedule

Riding Camp

Equutrails is now extending its lessons to Riding Camps both seasonal week long camps and off season camp weekends. Be sure to check our Riding Camp Blog to find more up to date information on schedules and details.

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